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Jacket clothing leather identification

2021-09-14 12:08
Generally people will call synthetic leather other than genuine leather such as: PVC, PU leather collectively as artificial leather or imitation leather. PVC, PU are both polyvinyl chloride (a kind of plastic), but the manufacturing process of these two products is not the same.
PVC leather should be hot-melted and stirred into paste in the manufacturing process, then evenly coated on T/C knitted fabric substrate according to the specified thickness, then into the foaming furnace for foaming, so that it has the softness that can adapt to the production of different products and different requirements, and surface treatment (dyeing, embossing, polishing, matting, grinding surface pilling, etc., mainly according to the specific product requirements) is carried out at the same time out of the furnace.
PU leather is more complicated than PVC leather in manufacturing process, because the backing of PU is canvas PU material with good tensile strength, which can be coated on the top of the backing, but also can contain the backing in the middle, so that the existence of the backing can not be seen from the outside. physical properties of PU leather are better than PVC leather, flexing resistance, good softness, high tensile strength, breathability (PVC is not).
Jacket clothing leather identification

The pattern of PVC leather is hot pressed by steel pattern roller; the pattern of PU leather is made by a kind of pattern paper first hot paste pressed on the surface of semi-finished leather, wait for cooling down and then carry out the separation of paper leather to do surface treatment. the price of PU leather is more than double than that of PVC leather, and the price of some special requirements of PU leather is 2-3 times higher than that of PVC leather. Generally, the patterned paper needed for PU leather can only be used 4-5 times that is scrapped; the patterned roller has a long life cycle, so the cost of PU leather is higher than that of PVC leather.
There are also some differences in the scope of application of these two materials. In footwear, PVC leather is mostly used in the lining or non-weight bearing parts, or making children's shoes; PU leather can be used in the fabric or weight bearing parts of footwear. For bags, PVC leather is used more often. This is because the items in the bag, unlike the feet in the shoes, do not emit heat; do not have to bear the weight of the individual.

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