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TABER leather wear test machine test methods and standards

2021-09-14 11:27

I. Implementation standards

TABER leather abrasion resistance tester meets the requirements of DIN-53754, 53799, 53109, TAPPI-T476, ASTM-D3884, ISO5470-1, GB/T5478-2008 and other standards.
TABER leather wear test machine test methods and standards

Second, TABER leather abrasion test machine test operation method

1. Prepare the grinding wheel (abrasive wheel) required for the test specimen material before the test, the grinding wheel used for the surface skin is (rubber grinding wheel), and the customer has several pieces of fine sandpaper to do the grinding wheel school.
2. Cut the standard test piece (outside diameter 108mm, inside diameter 8mm, thickness 3mm) and stick it to the back of the test piece with double-sided tape, remove the sticker on the other side, weigh the test piece and record the four decimal places below the decimal point. 
3. Confirm that the power supply voltage is AC220V, 50HZ 
4. Lift up the test arm, then start the power supply for a trial run to check if the machine is running normally, then lift up the test arm and vacuum arm, remove the test piece fixing nut and "spacer (ring)", use a wrench to loosen the fixing screw and pick up the fixing ring.
5. Cut the prepared fine sandpaper into the model of the test piece, place the center hole on the screw, put the spacer on, and fix the fine sandpaper on the disc with the test piece fixing nut.
6. Put the fixing ring on, flatten the sandpaper, and lock the fixing ring and fixing nut with the board hand. 
 7. Select the grinding wheel according to the test standard and remove the grinding wheel fixing nut, install the grinding wheel, and then tighten the fixing.
8. Place the required weight in the weight counterweight according to the test standard (the weight placed in this tester is 750g). 
9. Set the number of test rotations to 50 (according to the different needs of the test can set the number of test rotations), put down the test arm and vacuum arm, turn on the power switch and vacuum cleaner switch, adjust the air volume, and turn on the motor switch to start operation. Rubber grinding wheel, before each operation of the test piece abrasion test, are to use a fine grinding wheel grinding 50 times
10. After grinding the sandpaper 50 times, turn off the power, remove the sandpaper according to the opposite steps of 4, 5, 6, 7, and place the test piece according to the steps of 4, 5, 6, 7.
11. Set the number of test rotations to 1,000, remove the sand layer on the grinding wheel with plastic tape, check whether the double-sided tape of the test piece is smoothly adhered to the test disc, and then repeat the steps of 10.
12. When the set number of tests is reached, the machine will automatically stop working.
13. After stopping the machine, use a small brush to remove the sand layer of the skin, and remove the test piece together with the double-sided tape to weigh the test piece with an accurate scale.
Count to the following four decimal places, and record it, according to the formula can be calculated to obtain the test value.
A ﹑ test results of the unit is to wear index for the expression, the calculation method is as follows: wear loss weight (W0) = test piece weight before the test (W1) - test piece weight after the test (W2)
Wear index ( T ) = wear loss weight ( W0 ) / test rotation number ( N ) × 1000
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