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Necessary equipment for physical testing of leather

2021-09-10 13:27
Leather physical properties testing: tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, peel strength with compound, abrasion resistance, fastness to folding, color fastness (including color also includes dry rubbing, wet rubbing, sweat resistance, heat resistance, water fastness, washing resistance, color staining resistance, etc.) Breathability, water permeability, dynamic water resistance, softness, horizontal combustibility, atomization, odor.

leather softness tester

1、Leather yellowing resistance  tester is used to measure the yellowing resistance of white or light-colored materials for shoes, such as bang materials, soles, leather, PU, fabrics, etc., to light irradiation, using sunlight bulbs and heating control devices, irradiation specimens, test the ability of the specimens to resist yellowing under sunlight.

2、leather softness tester is used to measure the softness of leather, animal skin, to understand the same batch of leather softness and hardness is uniform, or a single leather parts of the softness of the difference. It has the advantages of beautiful, easy to operate and maintain, and portable.

3、leather flex test machine for testing shoe uppers, clothing, leather, bags and other thin leather flex test.

Test principle for one end of the test piece surface as the inside, the other end of the surface as the outside and be bent back and forth, to the test piece of damage to record the number of bending. (Note: This test method has room temperature and low temperature two different ways to carry out, low temperature leather flex resistance is used for leather in low temperature degree of cold resistance, in order to understand the material or finished products to adapt to low temperature climate or cold areas of the situation.

4、Leather abrasion resistance tester is applicable to cloth, paper, paint, plywood, leather, floor tile, glass, natural plastic, etc. The test method is to rotate the test material against a pair of grinding wheels, and the specified load, the test material rotates to drive the grinding wheel for abrasion of the test material, the weight of the abrasion loss is the weight difference before and after the test.

5、 electric friction decolorization tester is used to test the dyeing of fabrics, leather by rubbing the degree of decolorization, test method is to dry or moist white cotton cloth, wrapped in rubbing cone, and then repeatedly rub the test piece clamped on the test, you can assess the degree of dyeing fastness.

6、Leather dynamic waterproof tester is used to test leather, artificial leather, fabric and other materials cut test piece, device on the tester, under the periphery of water, the application of flexing action, in order to measure the material penetration index, or for the research and development of improved materials, waterproof processing of the basis.

7、The leather stretching tester is used to simulate the squeezing, stretching and flexing of the upper during the walking process after the shoes are worn. After the test, the lens is examined for wrinkles, creases or damage, as a reference basis for the selection of upper materials.

8、Leather breathability testing machine is used to test the upper and the upper shoe material including leather and lining, the ability to resist water vapor penetration. In order to meet various test specifications, it is necessary to test at a temperature of 20℃ and a relative humidity of 65﹪hr.

9、Leather cracking tester is used to test the cracking resistance of leather and various thin leather, etc. The test piece is fixed and then the leather is jacked up from the inside at a speed of about 12mm per minute according to the different sizes of contact surfaces, when the leather surface is cracked the height value is compared to the cracking elongation value.

10、Leather reciprocating friction tester is used for all kinds of leather, shoe uppers, undershirt leather after friction damage and decolorization, the test method is dry or wet white wool felt wrapped in friction hammer, under the specified pressure reciprocating friction on the test bed of the test piece, after the test in the observation of the degree of decolorization or damage to the situation.  

11、leather rubbing test machine for testing leather, artificial leather, rubber, cloth and other materials such as rubbing resistance, load and test piece on the distance between the fixture and the reciprocating distance can be adjusted, gradually reduce the distance of the fixture, so that the two specimens of the cloth surface gently contact after the application of load, by a certain frequency, under the conditions of the specified stroke, 1000 times after the reciprocating specimen surface to observe whether the cracks, damage or cloth base and coating separation etc. to determine the quality of the product.

12、Leather shrinkage temperature tester is used to measure the shrinkage temperature of leather, applicable to any kind of leather whose shrinkage temperature is below the boiling point of water, the test principle is to put the test piece into water, slowly heated until the test piece suddenly shrinks, record the temperature at this time, this temperature is used to express the tanning characteristics of leather. The machine adopts advanced single-chip technology to control temperature, electromagnetic stirring, LED display.

13、 leather tensile (tear) strength testing machine for testing leather, shoes, metal, plastic, rubber, textiles, synthetic chemicals, wire and cable industries, can test a variety of materials, semi-finished and finished products, tensile strength, and elongation, elongation, can do peel, tear, folding, compression and other tests.

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