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How to choose the right leather testing equipment

2021-09-10 11:42
First of all, we must understand which properties of the tested leather.

Secondly, we must understand the test standard for testing a certain performance. The color fastness test is mainly used. The color fastness test standards of leather mainly include: AATCC8/116, ASTMD1593, BS1006X12, BS1006UKLC, DIN53339, ISO105/11640QB /T1327/1873/2001/2307/2537, JIS0849, SATRATM8/TM167/ PM173

Leather testing equipment

Again, determine the name of the instrument to be tested. Commonly used leather testing instruments are: leather softness testing machine, leather tear strength testing machine, leather flexibility testing machine, leather dyeing and abrasion testing machine, leather bursting tester. Finally, make judgments and comparisons based on manufacturers and prices, combining multiple factors.

Leather testing equipment maintenance:

Take leather abrasion tester as an example:

1. When installing the grinding wheel, the one with RIGHTWHEEL should be installed on the right, and the one with LEFTWHEEL should be installed on the left, with the label facing outward (ie, the left side is facing the right, the right side is facing the left), and the grinding wheel should be replaced when it wears to the periphery of the label.

2. When opening the counter setting switch, you must press the "zero reset button" to reset the counter to zero, and you can't open it forcibly.

3. When there is no test piece on the test plate, do not put down the test lever arm, turn on the switch and let it run idly, so as not to damage the grinding wheel and parts.

4. The test rod arm and the dust suction arm must be placed gently, and not directly hit the test surface to prolong the service life of the grinding wheel.

5. The weight on both sides of the counterweight must be the same to ensure the accuracy of the test value.

6. During the test, the vacuum cleaner must be turned on to prevent dust from adhering to the grinding wheel.

7. Operated and used by professionals, and do regular cleaning and maintenance.

8. The test rod arm and test disc mandrel should be lubricated with a little lubricating oil at any time.
Leather testing equipment

Precautions for leather testing equipment:

The instrument should be placed in a laboratory without vibration and electromagnetic interference, and the movement of people around should be minimized as much as possible.

The surface of the sample must be flat, clean and free of creases.

During the installation and disassembly process, handle with care to avoid scratching or damaging the fixture and the working surface of the base.

During the test, the surrounding environment where the instrument is located should be free of wind and no obvious air flow, and the outlet should not be directly facing the air outlet of the air conditioner, so as not to affect the test results.

Before opening the instrument during maintenance, the power must be turned off, and live operation is strictly prohibited.

Unauthorized disassembly of the instrument is strictly prohibited, overload detection is strictly prohibited, system calibration can not be operated at will, improper operation will cause large measurement errors, resulting in inaccurate measurement data.

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