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Multi Finger Scratch Tester standard and buying guide

2021-08-02 17:09
Multi Finger Scratch Tester is suitable for the scratch resistance testing of various automotive interior materials, such as plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, coated materials, non-coated materials and other composite materials.
What are the applicable standards for Multi Finger Scratch Tester?
GB/T 2918, GB/T 8424.3, GB/T 6151
Application scope of Multi Finger Scratch Tester:
It is suitable for the scratch resistance testing of various automotive interior materials, such as plastics, rubber, leather, fabrics, coated materials, non-coated materials and other composite materials.
Multi Finger Scratch Tester
technical parameter:
1. Stroke range: 10-200mm;
2. Speed ​​range: 10-200mm/s;
3. Speed ​​buffer: 10±1mm;
4. Diameter of metal scraping head: 0.5mm, 0.75mm, 1mm (Erichsen318), 3mm, 5mm, 7mm;
5. Material of metal scraping head: tungsten carbide;
6. The total weight of the pressure weight and the scraping component: 2N, 3N, 5N, 7N, 8N, 10N, 12N, 15N, 20N (optional) The mass error does not exceed 1%;
7. Plastic scraping finger: polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA);
8. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.
1. Composed of motor drive mechanism, scraping assembly, sample clamping and fixing device, etc.;
2. The scraping components include scraping brackets, scraping fingers, scraping sleeves, pressure devices (weights and weight support rods), etc.;
3. It can freely install, replace, and disassemble different specifications of scraping fingers, and can implement uniform unidirectional linear scraping motion under different loads;
4. Using embedded system and man-machine interface operation to automate the control of the test process, using precise servo motor and ball screw drive, which play a decisive role in the accuracy of the scraping speed control under the relevant standards;
5. Use tungsten carbide material as the scratching finger to increase the useful life of the instrument;
6. Made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel, the appearance is simple, light and corrosion-resistant.
Why choose us to buy Multi Finger Scratch Tester?
1. The spare parts are available to solve the problem of long delivery time for ordering spare parts;
2. Provide outsourcing repair and maintenance services;
3. We keep up with industry standards updates, provide timely testing instruments that meet the updated standards, and provide personal testing and consulting services;
4. We have an after-sales service team. The company has been engaged in the testing industry for more than ten years and has accumulated rich practical experience. It can handle various problems in a timely and fast manner, and relieve customers from worries;
5. The direct shear instrument for geosynthetic materials is directly supplied by the manufacturer, which meets various testing standards. The performance of the direct shear instrument for geosynthetics is stable and the price is reasonable. The direct shear instrument for geosynthetics has a good market reputation and many successful cooperation Case, professional and trustworthy!
6. Complete models, according to different customer needs, we provide the following models for customers to purchase:
multi-finger scratch/mar tester 710
multi-finger scratch and mar tester
multi-finger scratch/mar tester
taber multi finger scratch tester
taber multi finger scratch/mar tester
taber multi-finger tester
Taber 710 Scratch and Mar tester
Elcometer 710 Taber
For more information about Multi Finger Scratch Tester, please leave us a message!

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