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The Application of Flame Detector in Boiler Combustion Flame Detection

2021-06-30 15:13
Usually, when a substance burns, it produces a lot of smoke and heat, and it also produces visible or invisible light radiation that is not in the atmosphere. Flame detector, also known as photosensitive fire detector, is a fire detector used to respond to the light characteristics of fire, that is, to detect the light intensity of burning flame and the frequency of flame flicker.

According to the light characteristics of the flame, there are currently three types of flame detectors:

1.Ultraviolet flame detector: sensitive to ultraviolet radiation with a short wavelength in the flame.

2.Infrared flame detector: sensitive to long-wave infrared radiation in the flame.

3.Ultraviolet/infrared composite flame detector: it can detect both ultraviolet light with shorter wavelength and infrared light with longer wavelength at the same time.

Flame Detector

For large-scale pulverized coal boilers, the stability of the furnace combustion flame is the most important condition to ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler. When the boiler combustion is unstable or the operation is improper, some or all of the pulverized coal burners will be extinguished, which not only reduces the thermal efficiency of the boiler, but also generates pollution and noise. If the pulverized coal is continuously supplied to the burner, it will cause the pulverized coal to accumulate in the furnace, and then cause deflagration, which seriously threatens the safety and service life of the boiler furnace equipment. In order to prevent deflagration, it is necessary to effectively detect the flame in the furnace.

The flame detector is an important part of the furnace safety monitoring system and is used to observe whether there is flame in the furnace. At present, flame detectors have developed from ordinary optical detectors (ultraviolet flame detectors, visible light flame detectors, infrared flame detectors) to flame image detectors.

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