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ASTM F1955 test experiment

2021-05-25 12:43
1. This standard specifies the testing methods and requirements for sleeping bags:
1). The average burning speed does not exceed 15cm/min (6in./min)
2). The burning speed of any sample cannot exceed 20cm/min
2. Test preparation
1). Sample: 30cm (12in.)×36cm (14in.), if the specified size cannot be cut due to the structure of the sample sleeping bag, it can be cut from the same material to a size of 30cm (12in.)×71cm ( 28in.) sample, folded to form a test sample.
2). Washing: Wash five test samples with water, wash three times, according to the method recommended by the manufacturer.
3). Compression: Before testing, compress the sample by 50% to half of its normal thickness and keep it for 24 hours.
4). Resume: After 24 hours of compression, let the sample recover naturally for at least 1 hour.
3, the test process
1). Install the sample on the test frame and clamp the three stitched edges
2). Place two white #50 mercerized cotton threads 3.8cm and 28cm away from one end of the sample (the end that is ignited). Tie heavy hammers on both ends of the threads and hang them to tighten the cotton threads. The positions of the two roots are the start and end points of the timekeeping respectively
3). Adjust the fire source and place it in the test cabinet with the test rack installed with the sample. The distance between the top of the combustion tube and the sample is 1.9cm (0.75in.)
4). Pull down the door of the test cabinet
5). Let the fire source burn the sample for 30 seconds
6). When the first wire is burned, the time starts when the heavy hammer falls, and the time is stopped when the second wire is burned or the fire is extinguished, and records, and the distance of flame spread is measured and recorded
7). Repeat the test for the remaining samples 

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