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Environmental requirements of bacterial filtration efficiency tester

2021-02-19 15:54
The main performance indexes of the mask bacterial filtration efficiency tester not only meet the requirements of the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) test method B.1.1.1 in the technical requirements for medical surgical masks YY0469-2011 in appendix b, but also meet the requirements of ASTMF2100, ASTMF2101 and European EN14683 standards, and innovative improvements have been made on this basis. The sampling accuracy is improved by adopting the method of simultaneous comparison sampling with two air channels, which is suitable for the performance test of bacterial filtration efficiency of masks by metrological verification departments, scientific research institutes, mask manufacturers and other relevant departments.
2. Environmental implementation standard required by the bacterial filtration efficiency tester: Q/0212 ZRB003-2011 Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) tester for medical surgical masks
3. Technical characteristics
Negative pressure experimental system ensures the safety of operators, and the flow rate of peristaltic pump can be set; The built-in lighting lamp in the cabinet body has a built-in leakage protection switch, the inner layer of stainless steel is integrally processed and molded, and the outer layer is sprayed with a cold-rolled plate.
Front switch type glass door, detachable bracket, adjustable bracket height; Move dual-purpose casters.
4. Main environmental parameters needed by the bacterial filtration efficiency tester
1. sampling flow of route a: 28.3L/min
2. Sampling flow rate of route B: 28.3L/min
3. Spray flow rate: (8 ~ 10) L/min
4. Flow rate of peristaltic pump: (0.006 ~ 3.0) ml/min
5. Pressure in front of flowmeter in A: (-20 ~ 0) kPa
6. Pressure before flow meter of B route: (-20 ~ 0) kPa
7. Pressure before spray flow meter: (0 ~ 300) kPa
8. Ambient temperature: room temperature
9. Negative pressure of aerosol chamber: (-90 ~-120) Pa
10. Negative pressure of cabinet:-50 ~-150 Pa

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