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Introduction of Mask Leak testing device and PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Definition

2021-01-26 09:56
N95 mask was once out of stock. Do you know some test data of mask before buying it? I know many people will not pay attention to it. In fact, the protective parameters of the mask are very important, which is related to whether the mask can protect you well. Qinsun, as a manufacturer of mask testing equipment, will share with you the data parameters and result orientation of Mask Leak testing device.

Introduction of Masks Tightness Tester

The quantitative fit test of cooperative action can be used as a method to select a mask that fits one's own face. In the tightness test mode, follow the preset actions, measure them in sequence, and display the test results of each action and the comprehensive measurement results of all actions.

PortaCount Respirator Fit Tester Definition:

A device that measures the dust concentration on the outside and inside of the mask, and calculates the dust intrusion rate (leakage rate%) in the mask according to the results. General dust suspended indoors was used as test particles. When measuring dust on the inside of the mask, use a test guide or a pipe joint kit.

Respirator Fit Test Machine

Respirator Fit Test Machine Scope of application:

There is no other tightness tester that can quantitatively test the tightness of all types of respirators. This tightness tester can test the tightness of gas masks and SCBAs respirators.
Study on the Inspection, Training and Teaching of Mask Fit
Performance evaluation of respiratory protective mask (PAPR)
Self-contained breathing apparatus tightness test
Gas mask tightness test

The fitting degree is an important index to evaluate the protective performance of masks. Ordinary users often only pay attention to the common problems such as the protection of masks against particulate matter, while ignoring the personality problem such as whether masks match users. Even if factors such as product characteristics and use environment are considered, the protective effect of dust masks may be weakened because they are not suitable for users.

Therefore, the tightness test of N95 mask is a necessary link to evaluate dust mask. When consumers buy dust mask every day, they should consider the performance of products comprehensively, so as to effectively play the role of N95 mask.

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