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Why maintain non-woven mask synthetic blood permeability pressure testing equipment ?

2021-01-25 11:11
As a blood penetration resistance tester, regular maintenance is needed to ensure the normal production and operation of equipment. The mechanical parts in the production process of Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester will wear automatically. If regular maintenance is not carried out, the mechanical wear will become more and more serious, and the parts will rust or wear greatly, and the mechanical running ability will decrease.

Non-woven mask synthetic blood permeability pressure testing equipment is an advanced mechanical control system, which can control materials to complete machinery at one time through PLC programming. In the whole production process, the operation can be completed only by feeding materials, which belongs to an automatic production mode. How to combine automation and mechanization is the key point. The Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Tester can operate all the work by one person, which greatly improves the production efficiency.

Blood penetration resistance tester

In case of performance failure of mask synthetic blood penetration tester due to long-term operation, relevant staff can be invited to repair it, which can not only maintain machinery and prolong life, but also protect mechanical parts from damage, so the maintenance of medical mask synthetic blood penetration tester can reduce many production failures.

Mask synthetic blood penetration tester requires high accuracy in the testing process, and the running stability of mechanical parts is more important. If the parts are not maintained and replaced for a long time, the imagination of improper maintenance will appear, and the parts will be worn or deformed, which will reduce the accuracy and speed of the whole machine.

Under good maintenance, the equipment can be produced and operated efficiently. Regular attention to shutdown and maintenance can prolong the service life and work efficiency. The utilization rate and production efficiency will remain at the initial stage, which is more beneficial to mask manufacturers.

When the relevant production personnel operate the equipment, it is inevitable to shut down and cut off the power during the off-duty period, and comprehensively inspect and clean the machinery.

The sundries and garbage on the blood penetration resistance tester can be cleaned with alcohol and detergent. At the same time, the equipment can be checked for errors and wear, and the lines of the equipment can be checked, and the components, electrical boxes and other equipment can be regularly maintained.

Face Mask Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Tester

Mask synthetic blood penetration tester Product features:

1. A cold generating aerosol generator is adopted to generate continuous and stable aerosol particles, which is convenient for filling solution.

2. measure aerosol concentration with high precision PM2.5 sensor.

3. The whole process of particle leakage prevention design protects the safety of laboratory personnel.

4. 2 sets of aerosol generators: salt particle aerosol generator and oily particle aerosol generator.

5. Equipped with electrostatic charge neutralization device for aerosol particles.

6. Pneumatic fixture is equipped with protection device, which is safe and convenient to use.

7. Configure temperature and humidity sensors to display the environmental temperature and humidity in real time (temperature and humidity requirements: 25℃ 5℃, 30% RH 10% RH).

8. Configure glass rotameter, vacuum pump and laser dust particle counter.

9. Detection range of filtration efficiency: 0-99.999%.

10. the range of the filter efficiency detection flowmeter is (10-100)L/min, and the accuracy is 2.5.

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