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Wear Modes To Operate And Evaluate

2019-08-30 09:27
There are numerous instruments available that can simulate different types of wear modes.  The solutions are versatile, affordable, easy to operate and allow the user to evaluate:
Two-body abrasive wear – hard particles are forced against and moved along a solid surface;
Sliding wear – occurs between two solid bodies and is generated from a reciprocating motion;
Mar abrasion – permanent deformations that have not ruptured the surface of a coating, but tend to disfigure or change the appearance of its surface;
Rolling abrasion (or three-body wear) – happens when abrasive particles or debris are allowed to “roll” between the surface and a contacting substance.
Knowing which test method your industry uses is typically the first step to determining which instrument is right for your application.
However in many cases, material advances are outpacing test method development and historic methods may not be applicable. This leaves many manufacturers guessing which instrument they should be using.
Qinsun abrasion tester is made up of one specimen clamping disk and two grinding wheels and two vacuum nozzles,specimen clamps above disk with two wheels that can select different weights on specimens, grinding wheel diameter around 50mm, width around 13mm. Set test revolution for machine working, the nozzles will suck abrasion dust during test.

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