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Two Things To Consider For Purchasing Safety Footwear

2019-07-12 17:54
The function of footwear is to provide protection, safety, comfort, and enhanced performance during dynamic and static activities. With respect to safety and performance, it is essential that footwear deter slipping. Slipping has been reported as being responsible for 62% of underfoot accidents in the workplace. Additionally, slips are considered to be the primary cause of falls.
If you are the safety director responsible for buying footwear for the workplace there are two things to consider. 
1) What relevant workplace information do you need to know ?
2) What questions do you need to ask a potential supplier?
First, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the environment in which the footwear will be used, including: the types of floor surfaces, exposure to potential contaminants and activities to be performed. Providing the supplier with this information will allow for a more appropriate recommendation for slip deterrent footwear. 
Second, you should be able to ask a supplier questions about their footwear recommendations. Inquire about “what if” scenarios; such as, what if a person steps in oil (or other contaminant)? What activities are these shoes recommended for? Has the slip resistance of these shoes been tested and if so, what testing protocol was used for testing, how did the shoes rate compared to other styles, and do they have a written report of the results? 
Is the outsole designed for durability while maintaining its functional attributes? Are there any limitations of these shoes? Knowledge of the workplace environment in which footwear will be worn in combination with coordinating with a supplier regarding the safety and application of workplace footwear will greatly decrease the likelihood of slips and slip-related injuries from occurring. 

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