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Abrasion, Rub and Scratch test of surface coatings and printed materials

2019-06-05 16:11
Damage to surface coatings and printed materials can occur during shipment, storage, handling, or by the end user. This abrasion can result in significant degradation in product appearance, corrosion resistance and legibility of the product information. The durability of variable data printed on labels or packaging is very important for medical device and pharmaceutical products in particular.
The complexity of wear processes has led to the development of numerous standard test methods and test apparatus. Correlation between these methods is not generally possible as each employs a different abrasion technique, although materials are often ranked similarly.
Qinsunlab has a very wide range of testing facilities include the Rub Tester, the Taber Abraser, the Scratch Tester, and the Crockmeter. 
The Rub Tester was designed to determine the abrasion resistance of printed materials. The tester is a motor driven instrument that moves a weighted test strip over a printed specimen through an arc. The testers quick strokes simulate some types of rub damage including shipping damage.
The Taber Abraser is primarily used to evaluate the resistance of surfaces to rubbing abrasion. Specimens are mounted on a rotating turntable and subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels, which are applied at a specific pressure. The severity of the test can be altered by using different wheels under different loads. The end point is either a visual change in appearance or a weight loss associated with material removed by abrasion.
The Multi Finger Scratch Tester uses tungsten carbide as a scratch to accurately detect surface damage caused by unconventional physical forms (such as scraping, grasping, planning etc). It can be used to detect the wear resistance of plastic parts in automobile interior and exterior trim, and can also be used for the testing of hard material wear, paint, ink, soft metal, oil carpet and other materials.
the Crockmeter tests the ability of fabric colors transfer from the surface of the material to other materials in dry and wet rubbing conditions. In addition to the color transfer test, the instrument can do worn, dry / wet friction, flexure, powder, dry cleaning, grinding and other tests. Samples using standard pressure and movement to ensure that the sample conditions are controllable and repeatable.

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