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Types of Waterproof Breathable fabrics

2019-03-21 15:50
waterproof breathable fabric refers to water under certain pressure is not immersed in the fabric, and the human body can emit sweat in the form of water vapor transmission through the fabric to the outside world, so as to avoid the accumulation of sweat condensation in between the surface and the fabric to maintain the comfort of clothing, it is a function of high technology unique fabric. Waterproof for ordinary fabric workers is not a difficult problem, the key is how to achieve moisture permeability. Now, let's take a closer look at the types of waterproof breathable fabrics.
One.Moisture permeability is achieved by fibers
1)Venter fabric. The earliest waterproof breathable fabrics were the famous Venter (Ventile) fabrics. It is the last century in 40s, designed by Shirley research in the UK, the Egyptian cotton high count and high density pure cotton yarn twist low heavy flat fabric, initially mainly used during the Second World War, the British Air Force pilots cold suit. When the fabric is dry, the warp yarn of the gap between the larger, about 10 microns, can provide highly permeable structure; when the rain or water fabric, cotton yarn expansion, the interstices between the yarns were reduced from 3 to 4 microns, the obturator mechanism with special water repellent combination, ensure fabric the rain was not further penetration. At present, this kind of fabric has long been replaced by other waterproof breathable fabrics.
 2)Coolmax fabrics. DuPont, Japan, Dongli and other large international companies to study the way through the production of fiber inside the channel to achieve sweat out of the body, that is, the market moisture wicking fabric. This kind of fiber production technology is concentrated in this kind of international big company's hands, the price is relatively high, it is difficult to become the mainstream of the market.

Two. Moisture permeability is achieved by coating
The direct dry coating, transfer coating, foam coating, phase inversion or wet coating (coating) technology, a variety of waterproof, moisture permeable coating agent is coated on the surface of the fabric, the fabric surface coating agent was closed or reduced to a certain extent, so as to get waterproof. Moisture permeable fabrics by coating through special method for the formation of microporous structure or coating agent of hydrophilic group and water molecule by hydrogen bonding and other intermolecular forces, the adsorption of water molecules in high humidity side, passed to the low temperature side effect to obtain analytical. Coated fabrics have low price and have achieved a certain moisture permeability, and are widely used. However, because of its poor waterproof and moisture permeability, the handle can not be satisfactory, and the market share is gradually reduced.

Three.Moisture permeability is achieved by laminating waterproof and moisture permeable membranes
PTFE fabrics are now mainly represented by Gore and Donaldson in the United states. Gore manufactures films and makes composite films. They don't sell films separately. They designate good clothing manufacturers to make clothing, and there are individual salespeople who work with them. Donaldson manufactures only films and makes composite compounds in japan. The competition between the two companies in the market is also very fierce. Domestic PTFE manufacturers are now gradually emerging, but they are based on a single component PTFE film, and no hydrophilic film composite, washing fastness generally only about five times. Last time, at an industrial fabric exhibition in Shanghai, I met an Indonesian manufacturer who allegedly washed about five times.

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