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What are the characteristics of dry cleaning machine

2019-02-22 17:02
      The dirt on clothings is oil of oil of oil of adhesion of the dirt in air mostly or grease hind form on fiber, oil or grease basically come from human body secrete adipose, cook oil and automobile exhaust to wait.

1. Clothes are not easy to be damaged:
Use a dry cleaner to dry clean clothes, each time before the dry cleaning staff will check the classification of clothes, put in the drum inside will also use laundry bags for packaging.

2. Clean the oil thoroughly:
Dry cleaning solvent plus a variety of dry cleaning agent according to a certain chemical ratio for dry cleaning clothes, clothes dry clean as new

3, good color protection, not easy to fade:
The clothes sent to the dry cleaner, the staff in the acceptance of the clothes will be identified, check, so that the clothes are classified dry cleaning, dry cleaning of different clothes is not the same way, easy to fade clothes, dry cleaning needs to be pre-treatment, add the right amount of color dry detergent.

4, not shrink, not out of shape, soft feel easy to iron:
In the dry cleaning process, clothes in the dry cleaning machine drum is soaked with chemical solvents, washing, desiccation, and then after drying, the clothes on the chemical solvents recovery, and the clothing drying on the completion of the whole dry cleaning process.Dry cleaning is the washing method that appeared nearly 100 years ago.After the dry cleaning of clothing deformation, no fading, no damage to the fabric.

5, disinfection and insecticide, not easy to moth:
After each dry cleaning clothes, staff will put clothes into the disinfection cabinet, ultraviolet radiation, disinfection and sterilization.

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