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Spherical abrasion test method

2018-11-28 15:18
The spherical abrasion test method has beeen introduced as Calowear? respectively Calotest (R) Tester by CSM Instruments SA [11] as an instrument for a simple identification of coating thickness but also to investigate the abrasive wear behaviours of coated and uncoated materials.
The determination of the wear coefficient is carried out by the wear crater technique. Thereby, a steel ball rolls over a sample (in a special setup / CSM rig, Figs.2a and b, or even on real parts, Fig. 2c) with defined parameters, like rotation speed and normal load,covered with an aqueous suspension of abrasive material (silicon carbide or aluminium oxide powder).This ball generates a spherical crater which will be sized with an optical objective. These measured diameters correspond to the abrasive wear coefficient. 


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