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Flammability test to carpets and rugs

2018-08-30 13:26
Products Scope:
Carpet means any type of finished product made in whole or in part of fabric or related material and intended for use or which may reasonably be expected to be used as a floor covering which is exposed to traffic in homes, offices, or other places of assembly or accommodation, and which may or may not be fastened to the floor by mechanical means such as nails, tacks, barbs, staples, adhesives, and which has one dimension greater than 1.83 m.(6 ft.) and a surface area greater than 2.23 m.2 (24 sq. ft.). Products such as "carpet squares", with one dimension less than 1.83 m. (6 ft.) and a surface area less than 2.23 m.2 (24 sq. ft.), but intended to be assembled upon installation into assemblies which may have one dimension greater than 1.83 m. (6 ft.) and a surface area greater than 2.23 m.2 (24 sq. ft.), are included in this definition. Mats, hides with natural or synthetic fibers, and other similar products in the above, defined dimensions are included in this definition, but resilient floor coverings such as linoleum, asphalt tile and vinyl tile are not.
Reference Standard:
ISO 6925 Textile floor coverings - Burning behaviour-Tablet test at ambient temperature (Methenamine table)
GB/T 11049 Burning behaviour of Carpet - Table test at ambient temperature
GB/T 14768 Carpet burning behaviour-Test method at 45 and assessment
ASTM F 1989-05 Standard Specification for Cooking Fire Suppression Blankets
Test Criterion:
(a) Summary of test method. This method involves the exposure of each of eight conditioned, replicate specimens of a given carpet or rug to a standard igniting source in a draft-protected
environment, and measurement of the proximity of the charred portion to the edge of the hole in the prescribed flattening frame.
(b) Test criterion. A specimen passes the test if the charred portion does not extend to within 2.54 cm. (1.0 in.) of the edge of the hole in the flattening frame at any point.
(c) Acceptance criterion. At least seven of the eight specimens shall meet the test criterion in order to conform with this Standard.


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