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Does the Water-based light color fastness test machine have any advantages or disadvantages?

2018-05-22 17:10
The advantages are as follows:
1、Such as drum air-cooled light fastness test machine lamp maximum power is 2.8kw, while the lowest air-cooled type can reach 4.8kw.
2、Large test area. Such as water-cooled light fastness test machine (TF422) test area is22mm ^ 2 (339in ^ 2).
3、Closed-loop control of key test parameters. It can achieve precise control to irradiance, blackboard temperature, test room air temperature and relative humidity, which a drum air-cooled light colorfastness test machine can not do.
The disadvantages are as follows:
1、High cost of purchase. Such as water-cooled light fastness test machine (TF422) purchase costs according to different configurations, each need $60000 ~ $80000.
2、High cost of consumables. Water-cooled models of supplies, including lamps, internal and external filters, water filters, blackboard thermometers and standard calibration lamp. A commonly used machine supplies the annual cost of $1500 ~ $8000; lamp sales of up to $1,400 each.
3、High failure rate. Water-cooled models have a complex structure, many moving parts which are easy to damage, and maintenance is relatively inconvenient.
4、The sample is not easy to place. It is the same as a drum-type air-cooled light fastness testing machine, which can only hang the sheet samples of the provisions.
5、Lamp replacement is not easy. Flushing of a water-cooled light fastness tester requires removing the sample, draining it, removing the filter before the lamp can be replaced, and requires two operators.
6、Irradiance calibration is not easy. Water-cooled standard light irradiance using standard lamp calibration, the operation steps are almost same as changing the lamp, calibration value requires manual reading before inputing the machine. The standard lamp also has an expendable service life.


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