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The Structure Of The Cone Calorimeter

2018-03-22 15:24
Cone calorimeter instrument is used to test material combustion value is an important test instruments, in a wide range of research and testing and teaching reference is widespread, mainly by the cone calorimeter combustion chamber, load platform, oxygen analyzer, smoke measurement system, ventilation and related auxiliary equipment and so on six parts.
Conical calorimeter composition:
The combustion chamber
Truncated conical heaters, ignitors, control circuits, windshields and other components constitute the combustion chamber. The intensity of incident heat flow can be selected according to different tests. The sample is lit by igniter on the combustion platform, and the combustion product is discharged by ventilation system.
Oxygen analyzer
Oxygen analyzer is a core part of cone calorimeter, it is a kind of high precision gas analyzer (down to 10-4), by oxygen analyzer can accurately test the combustion when the percentage of oxygen in air duct with the time change, and then by the instant oxygen concentration and the oxygen consumption principle determine the combustion heat release materials.
Load stage
The loading table is a device for measuring the quality of samples, which can accurately record the quality changes of samples during combustion. When burning, the sample is placed on the stand of the loading platform.
Smoke measuring system
In the ventilation ducts near the combustion chamber, there is a helium neon laser emitter, a complex pseudo double electron beam measuring device and a thermocouple, which can be used to determine the ratio of smoke in the smoke pipe to the SEA.
The ventilation system
The ventilation system refers to the device in which the combustion product is discharged from the combustion chamber into the atmosphere after combustion. The ventilation performance of ventilation system should be adjusted according to the test requirements, and the gas velocity should be limited within a certain range, otherwise the test results will be affected.
Other improvement equipment
According to different needs, other analytical devices can be added, such as the analysis of combustion product components, and the infrared spectral analysis device can be added. If the temperature distribution in the sample is measured, the corresponding thermocouple or infrared camera equipment should be modified.
Auxiliary equipment
The auxiliary equipment includes microcomputer processor, incident heat flow strength measuring instrument, removing CO2 and H2O(gas) corresponding devices, etc.

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