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Practical knowledge analysis of environmental test equipment

2018-03-07 16:37
     Environmental testing equipment is one of the many industry can use instrument, such as about the xenon lamp aging various environments such as aging test, especially for the ferrous in outdoor products have strict requirements on the experiment, then the environmental testing equipment in use process have what problem?
      As a type of reliability test, the environmental test has developed into a method to predict how the product use environment affects the performance and function of the product. In other words, environmental tests are used to assess the extent to which the environment affects the product before the product is put into the market; When the function of the product is affected, the environmental test is used to determine the cause and take measures to protect the product from environmental impact to maintain the reliability of the product. These trials has been far more than its original purpose, has been widely applied to include material and products in the process of research and development, production all kinds of different test before inspection, transportation and transport after quality control, are also used for the analysis of the actual use of the product in the process of the defects and improvement of new products. Environmental testing is very effective in detecting methods and maintaining product reliability.
    The environmental test we are talking about here is in the narrow sense, which is the artificial simulated environment test (hereinafter referred to as the environmental test). In general, environmental tests are divided into three categories: natural exposure test, artificial simulation test and field operation test. The natural exposure test is to conduct the test under the condition of natural environment. The field operation test is to test the sample device in a typical use field and keep it in a normal running state. Both of these tests can directly reflect the performance and reliability of the actual use of the product, and it is also the basis for verifying the accuracy of artificial simulation test.
    However, the experimental period is long and the cost of human resources is large, and the experimental conditions of the former can not be controlled, which can affect the reproducibility of the experiment and sometimes cannot keep up with the development of the product. The latter is slow in data feedback. So in order to in a short time can identify the product's ability to adapt to the environment, in the work of scientific research and production using artificial simulation environment test, namely in the laboratory test equipment (box or room) in the simulation of one or more the role of environmental factors, and the proper reinforcement. Artificial simulation experiment of the determination of test condition requirements both can affect the authenticity of the main factors in the simulation environment, and will have certain accelerating effect on the time, but accelerated degree should not change law of actual damage mechanism. Therefore, the test conditions and methods of artificial simulation test must be connected with the level and value of the product environmental conditions.

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