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The Martindale sampler operation notes

2018-02-26 14:31
When using, puts sampling knife cloth, then pull out knife safety switch sampling, sampling at this time the left hand hold knife protection, right hand knife round handle clockwise sampling, draw a circle, sampling is complete. Turn the sampling knife switch to position. The cloth samples will be cut into grams of electronic balance, weigh the sample, multiply by 100 times, and get 1 square meter of fabric weight. For example, if the weight of the cloth is 3 grams, the cloth of 1 square meter is 300 grams.
1. The blade of this instrument is sharp, and the hand should not be placed at the bottom to avoid damage.
2. The specimen should be carried out on the rubber mat. The instrument should be wiped clean when not in use and placed in the instrument case to avoid damage.
3. If the blade is not sharp after a period of time, replace the blade with 4.1 blade, and the blade is the ordinary double-sided razor blade, which is available for sale.
Sampler (g) can be rapid, accurate and safe cut out 100 square centimeters (1 square meters of 1%), the size of the sample, and then with accuracy of 0.01 grams of the balance weight, multiplied by 100 (paper) is the fabric of the gram per square metre.
4.The sampling knife (also known as the sampler, the code cloth knife), the fabric weight meter, the disc sampler, the fabric engraving machine, the fabric card machine, the sampling knife 0.01mg electronic balance.
5. Leather cushion, sample gasket features: high quality aluminum alloy material, the thickness of the feed thickness can be adjustable (adjustable range :0-5mm), and extend the service life of the blade and rubber pad to the maximum extent.
6. Product specifications: high quality adjustable type, standard cutting 100 square centimeter samples. 0.01g electronic balance.
Disk sampler, electronic balance weight meter, how to use the sampling knife?
7.This sampling knife has been widely used in textile, clothing, paper, leather and other enterprises and foreign trade companies.
8. The market share is far ahead, and the trust and favorable comment of the new and old users.
9. Put the cloth sample under the cutting into the electronic balance to weigh it, weigh the sample, multiply it by 100 times, and get the weight of cloth of 1 square meter.
10 For example, the weight of the fabric is 3 grams, and the cloth of 1 square meter is 300 grams.
Original accessories: one for balance, one for sampler, one for high quality adjustable sampling knife, one for special leather pad.
11. The cutter blade for double blade, a total of four pieces of circular external fours uniform, the blade can be replaced, specific operation is: loosen the cross screw (there are four screws on each piece), remove the blade clamp and sampling the blade, change a new blade, blade clamp pressure, pay attention to the blade mouth to clockwise tangential, and four pieces of blade in the same plane, then tighten the cross screw.
12. The bottom of the instrument has a straight grain mark, which is used for fixing the sample, which is easy to cut and prevent slipping.
13. Use method: when used, the cloth will be cut to be spread on the special rubber mat, and the sampling knife will be placed on the cloth.
14. Turn out the safety switch of the sampling knife, while the left hand is holding the sampling knife to protect the seat, and the right hand is rotated clockwise with the sampling knife round handle, and a circle is drawn and the sample is completed. Turn the sampling knife switch to position.
15. Put the cloth samples under the cutting into the electronic balance to weigh...

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