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The Hydrostatic Pressure Test

2018-06-15 16:49
Hydrostatic testing apparatus of the type described is available from qinsun-lab. Some laboratories use water at ambi-ent temperature. If testing is performed other than 21 – 2°C, so state.Lateral water leakage can be mini-mized by sealing the fabric with paraffin at the clamping area.

Test Specimens
  A minimum of three fabric specimens should be taken diagonally across the width of the fabric to be representative of the material.
  Cut specimens at least 200x200 mm to allow properclamping.
  Handle the specimens as little as possible and avoid folding or contaminat-ing the area to be tested.
  Condition the test specimens at 21 – 2°C (70 – 5°F) air at 65 – 2% RH for at least 4 h before testing.
  The surface of the fabric to be ex-posed to water must be specified because different results may be obtained on the face and the back. Identify that surface on a corner of each specimen.

Test Procedure
  1 、Verify the water in contact with the test specimen is regulated at 21 – 2°C (70 – 5°F).
  2 、Dry the clamping surface.
  3 、Clamp the specimen with the surface to be tested facing the water .
  4、 Operation.
            Option Hydrostatic Pressure Tester
       1) Turn on the motor, press the le-ver to raise the overflow device at the rate of 10 mm/s, and close the air vent as soon as water flows from it.
       2)Option  Hydrostatic Head Tester
        Select the gradient of 60 mbar/ min, press the start button .
  5、 Disregarding water droplets that appear within approximately 3 mm adja-cent to the edge of the specimen clamp-ing ring, record the hydrostatic pressure at the moment water droplets penetrate the fabric in three different places.

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