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Importance of color fastness

2017-11-15 15:08
Color fastness is the property of a fabric or garments which is responsible for color stability. It describes that, the color is stable or not. How much a color maintain its stability, it describes the color fastness. So Color fastness is the main issue of a colored fabric or colored garment. 
Color fastness is a term—used in the dyeing of textile materials—that characterizes a material's color's resistance to fading or running. The term is usually used in the context of clothes. The first known use of the word colorfast was in 1916.In general, clothing should be tested for colorfastness before using bleach or other cleaning products.
Light fastness, wash fastness, and rub fastness are the main forms of color fastness that are standardized. The light fastness of textile dye is categorized from one to eight and the wash fastness from one to five, with a higher the number indicating better fastness
Textile fabric has many properties. Colorfastness property is one of the most important properties of them. It is a property of a colorant which allows it to retain its different characteristics despite degradation conditions such as exposure to light and dry cleaning. Product performance and evaluation to determine if the fabric is suitable for the intended end use.

It is a identity for fabric. If colorfastness is good then fabric quality high and if poor fastness property then fabric quality is bad. So, colorfastness is the important factor for the buyer to justify which fabric is bad and which is better. 

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