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Classification of Textile Testing Instruments

2017-11-02 14:36
Textile testing instruments are widely used in multiple aspects, such as clothing production, cloth inspection, and textile process test. Textile testing instruments are mainly classified into textile fabrics testing instruments, printing and dyeing color fastness textile instruments, universal textile testing instruments, textile simulation environment test apparatus and test consumables, etc.

1. Textile fabrics testing instruments
Used for testing the flame retardant properties of hanging fabrics such as curtain and curtain. It can be used for single or multi-layer fabric, but not for fabric material that is over 700 g/m2 (21 oz/yd2) in grams.

2. Universal textile testing instruments
Mainly used for the determination of fiber fineness, uneven yarn drying, yarn hairiness, defects and cloth inspection.

3. Printing and dyeing fastness textile instruments
Suitable for textile printing and dyeing fastness to dry and wet rubbing and scrubbing. Twisting the large circular knob above the back of the friction head may change the position f the friction head on the sample,and increase the utilization rate of the sample.

4. Textile simulation environment test instruments
The test will be carried out in a controlled light and moisture interaction cycle, while raising the temperature. It is an essential test equipment in aviation, automobile, home appliance, scientific research and so on.

5. Functional instruments
It mainly includes various functional testing of textiles, such as thermal insulation, moisture permeability, sweating and protective properties, etc., which embodies the safety and comfort of textiles.

6. Flame retardant protection instruments
It mainly manifests in the protective properties of fabrics, combustion performance, flame retardant and protection, and is widely used in the life saving and fire fighting industries.

7. Physical performance detection instruments
Used to detect the physical properties of textiles, excluding chemical and other test types that the test changes are inspected out of direct regulation, such as tensile, strength, burst, wear resistance, etc.

8. Chemical performance testing instruments
It mainly tests the changes of textiles in the chemical environment, such as: acid alkalinity, dyeing, anti-corrosion, aging, etc.

9. Textile testing consumables
Used for testing commonly used test consumables, clothing and household colors, textile cotton color cards, standard detergent. Also used for testing the material consumption of textile testing instruments.

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