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Code of abrasion tester Practice

2017-10-20 17:08

Abrasion resistant tester use  the different types of friction wheel rotation on the sample to detect leather and plastic materials, wear resistance mainly through the rotation of the grinding method. It is Widely used in metal, paint, sheet surface, coating materials, textiles, leather, rubber and other fields of performance testing. This article is for this widely used instrument

abrasion tester is used to assess the wear resistance, such as measuring its quality loss, loss of thickness and light transmittance. Make the test piece by the standard cutter. Used the prescribed grinding wheel with a certain weight to wear. Remove the specimen after the specified rotation number, observe the weight difference before and after the test.

Code of Practice:

    1. Connect the appropriate power supply 220V or

    2. Adjust the governor switch to a minimum, to avoid excessive speed, resulting in abnormal machine.

    3. Turn on the power, first test machine, if no abnormal power is turned off.

    4. Press the reset key to reset the counter to zero. According to the requirements to set the number of tests required, the counter can be set up to 99999999 times.

    5. Press the RST key on the counter to clear the counter. Press the> key for five seconds to enter the test count. The eight digits of the counter are from the lower right to the upper left, respectively. If the setting is 280360 times, Press the button to set the value to 8, then press the button to set the value to the left of the third digit. Press the ∧ key to set the value to 2, then press the> key to adjust the beat value to the upper left. Press the ∧ key to set the value to 3, and then press the button to set the value to 6 to the lower right. Press the ∧ key to set the value to 6, and the other positions are set to the other digits. Can be set to zero, according to the test requirements set the number of tests required:

   6. Press the start button, the machine will enter the test state;

   7. Adjust the governor to adjust the speed to the desired test speed;

   8. Turn on the vacuum cleaner power switch to start working;

   9. After the test is set to the number of counter settings, the machine automatically shuts down in standby mode;

   10. Turn off the power, remove the test, clean up the machine;


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