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Notes for procurement of Fabric Tensile Strength Tester

2017-09-12 15:26
Fabric Tensile Strength Tester is a must-have testing equipment for a number of manufacturers at present.It plays a pivotal role in the field of material testing with various brands and models.In the face of such a complex information about the tester,many enterprises often feel helpless without knowing a good way to make bright choices.In regard to how to choose a fabric tensile strength machine and make thorough comparason, here Qinsun company gives you some suggestions:

Fabric Tensile Strength Tester selection factor:
1,The difference in the range of tension determines the difference in use and determines the structure of the machine, but it makes no big difference on price (except the gantry type). For the ordinary manufacturer of flexible packaging, the tension in 200N is already enough.
2, The standard configuration issues.Three basic configuration for intellegent mode: host, microcomputer, as well as the printer. If the microcomputer function is strong enough, the data can be printed directly. In addition, it can also be equipped with ordinary computer.With a computer, you can carry out complex data analysis, such as data editing, fractional amplification, adjustable report form, statistical analysis of group data. If computer configuration is desired, manufacturers should provide appropriate software control system for configuraton.
3, Fabric Tensile Strength Tester selection factors: output results. Test results can be arbitrarily set: force value, elongation, tensile strength, fixed force elongation, fixed elongation value, yield strength, elastic modulus, test force, totally 8 items value. This can be said to be the most comprehensive output test result by microcomputer. Testers from some foreign manufacturers generally can output test result of the 8 items,and testers ftom some domestic manufacturers can output 5-6 items.

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