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Heat transfer tester

2024-06-04 16:59

  The heat transfer tester adopts a new method and is designed according to international standards to compare the performance of heat transfer through materials (such as protective clothing). The material is classified based on the heat transfer index calculated by heat transfer calculation, indicating the relative heat transfer of the material under specified testing conditions.

  technical characteristics

  --Stainless steel shaft;

  --Aluminum calorimeter support frame - side 149mm;

  --Copper sample support frame -150mm on the side;

  --Template for sample preparation;

  --What is the diameter of a propane gas microphone lamp? 38mm;

  --Measurement, calibration, and HTI reading modes;

  --Connect the USB port to the computer;

  --Instrument size: 440 x 300 x 400h mm;

  --Weight: 7kg;

  --Power supply voltage: 230VAC, 50 Hz, 1A;

  --Gas: Propane, propane gas supply assembly pressure gauge, pressure regulator 0-1.5Bar, and gas cylinder adapter;

  --The diameter of the calorimeter disk is 40mm, and the T-type thermocouple is connected to the TermoCrono timer;

  --TermoCrono timer: The device displays the required heating time and the flame burning on the copper disc, according to the standard.

  Optional Accessories

  Software EN367 Connection: The software is used to manage test reports, store and modify data, including USB cable connection to the computer.

  Reference standards

  ISO 9151 Test for thermal conductivity of flame-retardant and heat-insulating protective clothing under fire source conditions

  UNI EN 367 Protective Clothing, Heat and Flame Protection, Test Method: Determination of Heat Transfer t Exposed to Flames

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