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Hot deformation Vicat softening temperature tester

2024-06-04 16:58

  The hot deformation Vicat softening point temperature tester complies with the provisions of GB/T1633, GB/T1634, and GB/T8802 standards, and is suitable for measuring the hot deformation and Vicat softening point temperature of non-metallic materials, polymer materials, thermoplastic and thermoplastic pipes and fittings. The equipment adopts touch screen control, monitors the test temperature and specimen deformation in real time during the test process, and dynamically draws temperature curves in real time to achieve historical storage and print test reports, so as to query previous test data at any time in the future and conduct comparative research on various experimental data. It is a highly intelligent testing instrument.

  Applicable scope

  This device is suitable for measuring the thermal deformation and Vicat softening point temperature of non-metallic materials, polymer materials, thermoplastic and thermoplastic pipes and fittings.

  Reference standards

  GB/T1634.1-2004 "Determination of plastic deformation temperature under load - Part 1: General test methods"

  GB/T1634.2-2004 "Determination of plastic load deformation temperature Part 2: Plastics, hard rubber, and long fiber reinforced composite materials"

  GB/T1634.3-2004 "Determination of plastic deformation temperature under load - Part 3: High strength thermosetting laminated materials"

  GB/T1633-2000 "Determination of Vicat softening temperature of thermoplastic materials"

  GB/T8802-2001 "Thermoplastic pipes and fittings - Determination of Vicat softening temperature"

  Product features

  1. The chassis is beautiful and elegant, and the outer shell of the test box is sprayed with plastic, which has strong mechanical strength and corrosion resistance.

  2. The small size of the equipment and the presence of lockable casters at the bottom of the equipment enhance its mobility.

  3. The medium box is made of stainless steel material, and the external insulation is made of high-temperature resistant insulation material, with low heat loss.

  4. The test stand has an automatic lifting function and is equipped with motion limit protection.

  5. The medium box adopts a 45 ° double helix undamped stirring motor, which has low motor noise and uniform temperature in the medium box.

  6. The precision of needle and head processing is high, and the mechanical strength is high.

  6. The testing machine has a high degree of automation, convenient operation, and improved work efficiency.

  4. The control center adopts imported Omron PLC, which has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.

  5. The unique temperature measurement technology of Yingbeier Company ensures accurate temperature measurement data and has temperature calibration and correction functions.

  6. The unique linear heating technology of Yingbeier Company has a small heating gradient.

  7. The displacement sensor adopts a high-precision electronic micrometer, and the measurement data is automatically uploaded to the touch screen.

  8. Using 4 high-precision temperature sensors, the measurement accuracy is high.

  10. The software displays the displacement in real-time and automatically locks the displacement and temperature values when the set displacement is reached

  11. When the displacement setting value is reached, heating will automatically stop and there is a secondary heating protection function.

  technical parameter

  Temperature control range: ambient temperature~200 ℃

  Heating rate: (12 ± 1) ℃/6min or (50 ± 5) ℃/h

  Maximum temperature error: ± 0.5 ℃

  Deformation measurement method: Electronic micrometer (accuracy of 0.001mm)

  Deformation measurement range

  Deformation measurement range: 0mm~12.7mm

  Maximum deformation error: ± 0.001mm

  Number of sample racks: 3

  Heating medium: Dimethylsilicone oil (requirement: flash point above 300 ℃, viscosity above 200 millimeters) 25L

  Cooling method: Natural cooling above 150 ℃, natural cooling or water cooling below 150 ℃

  Temperature protection: protection with a maximum upper limit of 200 ℃, can be set and changed

  Control method: touch screen+PLC control

  Sample holder working mode: automatic lifting and lowering

  Sample support span: 64mm/100mm

  Mixing method: Double motor non damping high-speed mixing, stable and uniform

  Maximum test load: 50N (i.e. 5000g)

  Power supply voltage: AC220V Hz

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