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Selection guide for homogenizer equipment

2024-03-04 14:52

Selection guide:

1. Small trial dosage: The smaller the better, it can save materials. At present, the raw materials of some drugs reach several thousand yuan/gram, and users naturally hope to complete a homogenization experiment with fewer materials. Moreover, the experiment is a repeated process, and the smaller the sample size, the greater the waste of materials.

2. Homogeneous pressure: It is not necessarily better to have higher pressure. For general materials, firstly, in a sense, the higher the pressure, the smaller the particle size of the material can be processed; Secondly, the higher the pressure, the more types of materials can be processed. For example, some liquid emulsions only need to be homogenized to below 100nm at 15000psi, while some drugs, foods, especially suspensions containing a certain amount of solid particles in liquids, require at least 26000psi or more pressure to achieve nanoscale. However, it cannot be ruled out that some materials may agglomerate under high pressure.

3. Processing effect: Of course, users hope to produce materials that can reach the nanometer level. Secondly, at the nanometer level, the distribution is very uniform, rather than some particles already being tens of nanometers, while others are still at the micrometer level.

To solve this problem, it is recommended that users purchase a homogenizer and have the manufacturer equip it with a nanoscale filter extruder device. It is an online extruder, and offline extrusion is very troublesome.

4. Cleaning and sterilization: The imported high-pressure homogenizer is very convenient for cleaning and sterilization. It is recommended to consider online cleaning and sterilization.

5. Consider the noise, safety, and number of users in China of a device. From the user list, it can be determined whether a device is selling well. The more well-known users there are, the better the quality of the device.

6. Manufacturers of homogenizers generally say that their equipment is excellent and suggest that they provide a list of users and relevant achievements, papers, etc.

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