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Selection of Remote Transmission Vortex Flowmeter

2024-03-04 14:32

1. Selection of vortex flow meters

(1) Selection of Vortex Flow Transmitters

Due to the wide range of the vortex flowmeter, in practical applications, it is generally considered that the flow rate of saturated steam should not be lower than the lower limit of the vortex flowmeter, which means that the fluid flow rate must not be lower than 5m/s. Choose different calibers of vortex flow transmitters based on the size of steam consumption, rather than selecting the transmitter caliber based on the existing process pipeline caliber.

(2) Selection of pressure compensation pressure transmitter

Due to the long saturated steam pipeline and significant pressure fluctuations, pressure compensation must be used. Considering the correspondence between pressure, temperature, and density, only pressure compensation can be used in the measurement. As the saturated steam pressure of Mingtong Company's pipeline is in the range of 0.3-0.7 MPa, the range of the pressure transmitter should be 1 MPa.

(3) Display instrument selection

Intelligent flow display instrument with temperature and pressure compensation, instantaneous flow display, and cumulative flow calculation functions.

2. Most settings for vortex flow meters

(1) Instrument system settings, instruments required by Hefei Instrument Factory

The coefficient K can be expressed as follows:


In the formula: K0 is the instrument constant calibrated by the vortex generator at the factory, L/pulse; The unit of k is the number of pulses/m3.

(2) Range setting of pressure compensation pressure transmitter.

(3) Pressure and flow alarm upper limit setting.

3. Installation of vortex flowmeter

(1) Vortex flow meters should be installed as far away from vibration sources and areas with strong electromagnetic interference as possible. Vibration reduction devices must be used in areas where vibration exists to reduce the impact of vibration on pipelines.

(2) The configuration of the straight pipe section, the front and rear straight pipe sections must meet the requirements of the vortex flow meter, and the inner diameter of the matched pipeline must also be consistent with the inner diameter of the vortex flow transmitter.

4. Precautions for use

Minimize the impact of steam hammer on the vortex body inside the pipeline as much as possible. When the vibration is significant and cannot be eliminated, vortex flow meters should not be used

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