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The working principle of turbidity meter

2024-01-24 14:13

Turbidity meter, also known as turbidity meter. Can test the turbidity of water samples in water supply plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, and field sites. This instrument is commonly used as a necessary inspection equipment for QS certification in drinking water plants.

Turbidity is the degree of obstruction caused by suspended solids in water to light transmission. Water containing suspended and colloidal substances such as soil, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton, and other microorganisms can cause turbidity in the water. The turbidity meter adopts the principle of 90 ° scattered light. When a parallel beam of light emitted by a light source passes through a solution, a portion is absorbed and scattered, while another portion passes through the solution. The scattered light intensity at a 90 ° angle to the incident light conforms to the Rayleigh formula:

Is=(KNV2)/ λ)× I0

Among them: I0-- intensity of incident light, Is -- intensity of scattered light, N -- number of particles per unit solution, V -- volume of particles, λ--- Incident light wavelength, K - coefficient.

Under constant incident light conditions, within a certain range of turbidity, the intensity of scattered light is directly proportional to the turbidity of the solution.

The above equation can be expressed as: Is/I0=K ′ N (K ′ is a constant). According to this formula, the turbidity of water samples can be measured by measuring the scattered light intensity of particles in the water sample.

The turbidity meter has a chromaticity compensation function, which compensates for any scattered light filtered by the optical lens; The special defoaming device of the sensor effectively prevents bubble interference; Chinese menu display; Relay contact output (3 channels): H, L, cleaning control; Microprocessor based digital program controller; Large size backlit LCD display screen (192 * 64 dot matrix); Independent 4-20mADC transmission output; Automatic scraping and cleaning control function; Bracket installation/2B pipe support installation method.

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