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What instruments are needed to test cosmetic packaging?

2023-12-21 16:05

Testing of other physical and mechanical indicators of cosmetic packaging and packaging materials

The mechanical properties of cosmetic packaging play a significant role in the packaging, processing, transportation, and shelf life of cosmetics. The quality directly determines the safety issues of food in the circulation process. Summarize all testing items, including tensile strength and elongation, composite film peeling strength, heat sealing strength, sealing and leakage, impact resistance, material surface smoothness, and other indicators.

1. Tensile strength and elongation, peel strength, heat sealing strength, tearing performance.

Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress that a material can withstand before breaking Testing can effectively solve packaging damage and breakage caused by insufficient mechanical strength of the selected packaging materials under external forces. Peel strength, also known as composite strength or composite fastness, is a measure of the adhesive strength between layers in a composite film. If the adhesive strength is too low, it is highly likely to cause interlayer separation and leakage during packaging use. Heat sealing strength, also known as heat sealing strength, is a measure of the strength of the seal. During product storage and transportation, if the heat sealing strength is too low, it can cause problems such as cracking at the heat sealing area and leakage of the contents. To test the above indicators, it is necessary to use a tensile testing machine for inspection. For example, the LCD electronic tensile test is used to prepare samples according to the corresponding testing standards for different inspection items. The prepared samples are placed in the upper and lower fixtures of the tensile testing machine, and the test speed is set to 300mm/min (the tensile test can also be set to 500mm/min). After completing the test, the test results are printed out. In addition, for the detection of heat sealing strength, it is necessary to use a "heat sealing tester" for sample preparation, which is also one of the commonly used equipment in cosmetic packaging laboratories

2. Impact resistance testing

The control of the impact resistance of packaging materials can prevent the occurrence of packaging surface damage due to insufficient material toughness, effectively avoiding product damage during the circulation process due to poor impact or drop resistance of packaging materials. It is generally necessary to use a dart impact tester for testing. Taking the falling ball impact testing machine as an example, this article introduces that the falling ball impact testing machine determines the impact resistance of plastic films through the free falling ball method. This is a fast and simple test method used by most cosmetic packaging and cosmetic manufacturers to test the energy required to tear film samples under specified free fall ball impact conditions. When 50% of the film sample is damaged under specified conditions, the energy of packaging damage.

3. Salt spray corrosion resistance test

When products are transported by sea or used in coastal areas, they may be corroded by sea air or mist. The salt spray test chamber is designed for surface treatment of various materials, including coatings, electroplating, inorganic and organic films, anodizing, rust prevention oil and other anti-corrosion treatments, to test the corrosion resistance of the product.

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