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Reasons for unstable detection of photoelectric sensors

2023-12-20 14:25

A photoelectric sensor is a device that converts light signals into electrical signals. Its working principle is based on the photoelectric effect. The photoelectric effect refers to the phenomenon where the electrons of a substance absorb the energy of photons when light is irradiated on them, resulting in corresponding electrical effects. According to the different phenomena of photoelectric effects, photoelectric effects can be divided into three categories: external photoelectric effects, internal photoelectric effects, and photogenerated volt effects. Optoelectronic devices include phototubes, photomultiplier tubes, photoresistors, photodiodes, phototransistors, photocells, etc. Analyzed the performance and characteristic curves of optoelectronic devices.

The following situations may cause the photoelectric sensor to detect unstable objects:

1. Abnormal power supply;

2. Detection frequency is too fast;

3. The size of the measured object;

4. The tested object is not within the stable detection area of the sensor;

5. Electrical interference.


1. Provide a stable voltage to the sensor, and the power supply current must be greater than the current consumption of the sensor;

2. The passing speed of the tested object must be lower than the response speed of the sensor;

3. The size of the tested object must be larger than the standard or small test object;

4. The tested object must be detected within the stable detection range of the sensor;

5. Appropriate protective measures can be taken, such as shielding around the probe and grounding of high-power equipment.

When using photoelectric sensors, it is advisable to avoid areas with high levels of dust as much as possible; Places with corrosive gases; Places where water, oil, and chemicals may directly splash; Outdoor or under sunlight, strong light without shadows; Places where environmental temperature changes exceed the product range; Do not take temporary measures for large areas of vibration and impact. To avoid malfunctions of photoelectric sensors.

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