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What is ISO 6925?

2023-11-17 13:36

The ISO 6925 standard was published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). ISO 6925 is an International Standard that specifies a method for assessing the burning behavior of textile floor coverings. The method is valid for all types of textile floor coverings. 

The ISO 6925 standard involves the following steps: 

1. Place the test sample in the test box.

2. Place the card ring on the sample.

3. Ignite the standard pill.

4. Measure the combustion effect after the flame is extinguished.

ISO 6925:1982 Textiles -- Burning behavior of drapes and curtains -- Small flame test is an international standard that specifies a small-scale flame test method for assessing the burning behavior of drapes and curtains. The purpose of this standard is to evaluate the flame resistance of these textile products.

The test involves exposing a vertically oriented specimen to a small flame and observing its burning characteristics, including flame spread, afterflame time, and any damage sustained. The results can be used to classify the materials into different flammability categories.

This standard is part of the broader set of ISO standards related to the flammability of textiles and textile products, which aim to provide consistent and standardized methods for assessing the fire behavior of various materials. Adherence to these standards helps ensure the safety and quality of textile products, particularly in applications where fire safety is a critical concern, such as curtains and drapes in public buildings or residential settings.

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