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What is the ISO standard for Martindale abrasion?

2023-11-15 14:34

The ISO standard for Martindale abrasion testing is ISO 12947. ISO 12947 specifies the test method and provides guidelines for determining the abrasion resistance of textiles using the Martindale abrasion tester. This standard outlines the apparatus, test procedures, and criteria for evaluating the fabric's resistance to abrasion.

ISO 12947 includes several parts that cover different aspects of Martindale abrasion testing:

- Part 1: Determination of abrasion resistance. This part specifies the general principles of Martindale abrasion testing and provides the procedure for determining the abrasion resistance of fabrics. It includes requirements for test specimens, test conditions, and the evaluation of results.

- Part 2: Determination of specimen breakdown. This part provides a method for determining the point at which a fabric specimen breaks during the Martindale abrasion test. It helps assess the fabric's endurance against abrasion.

- Part 3: Determination of mass loss. This part describes a method for measuring the mass loss of a fabric specimen after abrasion testing. It helps evaluate the fabric's durability and potential for shedding fibers or particles during use.

- Part 4: Determination of changes in appearance. This part specifies a visual assessment method for evaluating the changes in appearance of a fabric specimen after abrasion testing. It includes criteria for grading and classifying the appearance changes.

ISO 12947 provides standardized procedures for Martindale abrasion testing, ensuring consistency and comparability of results across different laboratories and manufacturers. It is widely recognized and used in the textile industry to assess the abrasion resistance of fabrics, including woven, knitted, and non-woven textiles, for various applications such as apparel, upholstery, and technical textiles.

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