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How to Operate a Universal Tensile Testing Machine: A Step-by-Step Guide

2023-10-23 13:21

Operating the Universal Tensile Testing Machine requires following the correct steps, a brief step-by-step guide is provided below:

Step 1: Preparation

1. Ensure that the Universal Tensile Testing Machine is on a stable workbench and that there are no distractions around it. 2.

2. Check the power supply to the tester and make sure it is connected properly.

3. Switch on the tester's power switch and wait for a period of time to ensure that the tester starts up stably.

Step 2: Setting Test Parameters

1. use the control panel of the testing machine or computer software to set the test parameters, such as loading speed, loading mode and test sample size, etc.

2. according to the test requirements, select the appropriate load cell and fixture, and install them on the testing machine.

Step 3: Installation of test specimen

1. mount the test specimen onto the fixture and make sure that there is no looseness between the specimen and the fixture.

2. according to the test requirements, adjust the position of the fixture and the sample to ensure that the loading force acts uniformly on the sample.

Step 4: Calibrate and Standardise

1. use the calibration device of the testing machine to calibrate the testing machine.

2. use the calibration device to calibrate the force transducer and displacement transducer of the testing machine.

Step 5: Start the Test

1. ensure that the test area is secure and that personal protective equipment is worn.

2. Start the tester and begin loading the sample.

3. Monitor the loading force and displacement in real time and record the data.

4. according to the test requirements, control the loading speed and stop loading conditions.

Step 6: End the test

1. stop loading when the sample reaches the destructive point or the test requirements.

2. stop the tester and switch off the power switch.

3. remove the sample and fixture and clean up the tester and work area.

Step 7: Data Processing and Analysis

1. export test data and perform preliminary processing.

2. use relevant software for data analysis and plotting as required.

The above is a brief guide to the operating procedures of the Universal Tensile Testing Machine. Please note that there may be some slight differences between different models of testing machines, so it is best to read the user manual of the testing machine or consult with a QINSUN instrument engineer before specific operation.

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