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How do I test the wear and tear of children's clothing fabrics?

2023-09-28 11:32

Testing children's clothing fabrics for wear and tear is an important step in ensuring their quality and durability. Below are a few common methods used:

1. Martindale Abrasion Test: The Martindale Abrasion Test is a method commonly used to test the abrasion properties of fabrics and fabrics and is also applicable to children's clothing fabrics. During the test, a fabric sample is held in a test device and pressure and friction are applied by rotating a circular abrasion head to simulate actual wear in use. The test results are often used to assess the abrasion resistance of a fabric in terms of the ability of the sample to resist a specific number of cycles or degree of abrasion.

2. Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test: The Wyzenbeek Abrasion Test is a method used to test the resistance of fabrics to abrasion and is particularly suitable for children's clothing fabrics. During the test, a fabric sample is rubbed back and forth against a cotton duck cloth. The durability of the fabric is evaluated by recording the number of rubs required in both directions. This test method is able to simulate the wear and tear of children's daily wear.

3. Hand rubbing test: This is a simple test method that can be performed at home. A small sample of fabric is selected and rubbed with a finger or other object to observe the wear and tear that occurs. Try to simulate the friction of actual use, such as rubbing areas that are more likely to come into contact with the object or areas that are rubbed more frequently. This test method is mainly used to initially check the wear and tear of the fabric, but it is not precise.

In addition to the above methods, there are some other special testing methods that can be selected for use according to actual needs. For example:

4. Washing and abrasion test: Children's clothing fabrics are washed several times according to the washing instructions and compared with new fabrics. The durability of the fabric is assessed by observing its appearance, color fastness and wear.

5. Stretch and Friction Test: Tests the abrasion performance of fabrics when subjected to stretch and friction forces. This simulates the wear and tear that occurs when children are in active sports.

Whichever test method is chosen, it needs to be done in accordance with industry standards or guidelines from relevant organizations. These guidelines typically provide criteria for sample preparation, test equipment, test parameters, and evaluation of fabric wear. Following a uniform test procedure and methodology will ensure reliable and accurate results.

Please note that before any testing is performed, ensure that safety procedures are followed and that the testing environment and equipment are adapted as necessary to suit the specific needs and usage situations of children's clothing fabrics.

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