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What is the standard test method for resistance of medical face masks to penetration by synthetic blood?

2023-09-26 11:23

The standard test method for resistance of medical face masks to penetration by synthetic blood is ASTM F1862/F1862M-17, titled "Standard Test Method for Resistance of Medical Face Masks to Penetration by Synthetic Blood (Horizontal Projection of Fixed Volume at a Known Velocity)." This test method is published by ASTM International, a globally recognized organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards for various industries.

The ASTM F1862/F1862M-17 test method evaluates the ability of a medical face mask to resist penetration by synthetic blood under specific test conditions. It simulates a situation where there may be a high-velocity fluid splash, such as during a surgical procedure. The test measures the mask's resistance to blood penetration and provides a rating based on the mask's performance.

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The test involves placing a medical face mask specimen on a synthetic blood penetration testing apparatus. Synthetic blood, which has defined physical properties, is then projected horizontally at a known velocity towards the mask specimen. The mask's ability to prevent the synthetic blood from penetrating through the material is assessed visually, and the results are reported as a pass/fail or as a specific level of protection.

It's worth noting that standards and test methods may be updated or revised over time. Therefore, it is essential to refer to the latest version of the ASTM F1862/F1862M standard or consult the relevant regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information on testing requirements for medical face masks.

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