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What ASTM standard is used to test the flammability of sleeping bags?

2023-09-19 15:00

ASTM F1930 is the standard test method used to evaluate the flammability of sleeping bags. This standard, titled "Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Flame Resistant Clothing for Protection Against Flash Fire Simulations Using an Instrumented Manikin," provides guidelines for assessing the thermal protective performance of sleeping bags, including their resistance to flame and heat exposure. By conducting tests as per ASTM F1930, manufacturers can determine the suitability of sleeping bags for protecting users against potential fire hazards.

The ASTM standard specifies the procedure for determining the flame resistance of textiles, including sleeping bags, when exposed to a small ignition source. It measures the time it takes for the flame to spread and the after-flame and afterglow times. The standard helps ensure the safety and performance of sleeping bags in terms of their flammability characteristics.

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ASTM F1930 is the standard test method for evaluating the flame resistance of sleeping bags, specifically for determining their contact heat transfer characteristics. This standard is used to measure the time it takes for the sleeping bag to reflect or absorb heat from an external heat source that represents a hot object or flame. The test evaluates the thermal protection of the sleeping bag and how it maintains insulation in the presence of fire exposure.

The ASTM F1930 standard specifies the testing apparatus, procedures, and calculations used to determine the flame resistance of sleeping bags. This includes the use of a propane burner to produce flames with specific characteristics, a metallic plate to measure heat transfer, and temperature sensors to monitor the sleeping bag's temperature during testing.

This standard is important in ensuring that sleeping bags provide adequate flame resistance and thermal protection to users. Compliance with ASTM F1930 can also help manufacturers meet regulatory requirements, safety standards, and consumer expectations for product safety and performance.

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