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How do you test for yarn twist?

2023-09-13 10:47

To test yarn twist, you can follow these general steps:

1. Select a sample of yarn: Choose a representative sample of the yarn you want to test. Ensure that the sample is long enough to provide accurate results.

2. Prepare the sample: Straighten the yarn sample by gently stretching it to remove any kinks or twists that may be present initially.

3. Secure the ends: Hold one end of the yarn sample firmly in one hand, and secure the other end to a fixed point or clamp. This will create tension in the yarn during the testing process.

4. Twist direction determination: Examine the yarn sample to determine its initial twist direction. Yarn can be twisted either in a Z-twist (clockwise) or an S-twist (counterclockwise). Note the twist direction for later comparison.

5. Twist removal: Using a twist tester machine or a simple twist removal technique, remove the twist from the yarn sample. This can involve rotating the sample in the opposite direction of its initial twist until all the twist is removed.

Yarn twist tester.jpg

6. Observe the behavior: Once the twist is removed, carefully release the tension on the yarn sample. Observe how the yarn responds. It will either remain untwisted (zero twist) or exhibit a new twist in the opposite direction to its initial twist.

7. Twist direction determination (again): Determine the twist direction of the newly formed twist, comparing it to the initial twist direction noted earlier.

8. Interpret the results: Based on the behavior of the yarn sample, you can determine the amount and direction of twist present. The twist can be characterized as zero twist, balanced twist, or overtwist/undertwist, depending on the comparison of the initial and new twist directions.

It's important to note that the specific testing methods and equipment used may vary depending on the industry, specific yarn type, and desired level of accuracy. It's recommended to consult industry standards or specialized resources for detailed procedures and equipment recommendations for testing yarn twist in your specific application.

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