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How do you measure car leather material scratch resistance?

2023-09-08 14:10

The scratch resistance of car leather materials can be measured using a variety of methods. Here are some commonly used techniques in the industry:

1. Martindale Abrasion Test: The Martindale test involves rubbing the leather surface with a specified abrasive material, such as a fabric or sandpaper, in a circular motion. The test measures the material's ability to withstand surface abrasion and determines the number of cycles required to cause visible damage or wear.

2. Taber Abrasion Test: The Taber test assesses the leather's resistance to abrasion using a rotating abrasive wheel. The leather sample is placed on a rotating platform, and the abrasive wheel is pressed against it. The test measures the number of cycles required to cause visible damage or wear to the leather surface.

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3. Crockmeter (Colorfastness to Rubbing) Test: The Crockmeter test measures the tendency of the leather material to transfer color when rubbed against a specified material. It involves rubbing a specified pressure and number of cycles against a white cloth or another material and then visually assessing the degree of color transfer.

4. Falling Sand Abrasion Test: This test involves pouring a specified amount of abrasive sand onto the leather surface and subjecting it to controlled air pressure or rubbing using a reciprocating motion. The test measures the resistance of the leather material to abrasive effects from falling sand particles.

5. Jig Scratching Test: In this test, a specially designed scratching tool or jig is used to apply a controlled force and scratching motion on the leather surface. The test evaluates the resistance of the leather to surface scratching and determines the level of force required to cause visible damage or marks.

It's important to note that these tests are conducted in accordance with specific standards, such as those from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or automotive industry standards. The test parameters, such as the applied force or number of cycles, may vary depending on the specific test method and standard being used. It is recommended to refer to the relevant industry standards or consult with testing laboratories for detailed procedures and specific test methods applicable to car leather materials.

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