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Simulation of perspiration in sweating fabric manikin-Walter

2023-09-06 11:14

The simulation of perspiration in a sweating fabric manikin, such as Walter, involves replicating the sweating process to evaluate the moisture management properties of fabrics. Walter is a commonly used sweating manikin that simulates human sweating by releasing water vapor through its skin-like surface.

The process typically involves the following steps:

1. Preparation: The manikin, including its skin and sweating system, is prepared and calibrated according to the specific testing standards or protocols. This may include ensuring the correct temperature, humidity, and sweating rate settings.

2. Fabric Placement: The fabric or garment to be tested is placed on the manikin, covering the areas of interest.


3. Sweating Simulation: The sweating system within the manikin is activated to simulate the perspiration process. This involves controlling the temperature and humidity levels inside the manikin's chamber and supplying water to the skin surface to mimic sweat secretion.

4. Testing Duration: The fabric is exposed to the simulated sweating conditions for a defined period. The duration may vary depending on the testing requirements or standards.

5. Data Collection: Various measurements are taken during the testing process, including the amount of sweat absorbed by the fabric, the rate of moisture transport, and the overall moisture management performance.

6. Analysis: The collected data is analyzed and evaluated to assess the fabric's ability to transport moisture away from the skin, maintain comfort, and manage perspiration effectively.

By simulating perspiration in a sweating fabric manikin like Walter, researchers and fabric manufacturers can assess the performance of different materials and designs, ensuring that garments offer optimal comfort and moisture management for the wearer. It helps in the development and testing of functional sportswear, performance textiles, and other products where moisture management is critical.

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