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What device is used to test fabric strength?

2023-09-05 13:12

The device commonly used to test fabric strength is called a universal tensile testing machine, also known as a tensile tester or a tensile strength tester. This machine is designed to measure the mechanical properties of materials, including fabrics, under tension.

universal tensile testing machine typically consists of the following components:

1. Load Frame: The main structure that houses the testing components and provides the necessary rigidity and stability during testing.

10kN Universal Testing Machine.jpg

2. Grips: The grips are used to securely hold the fabric specimen in place during the test. There are various types of grips available, such as pneumatic, manual, or hydraulic grips, depending on the specific requirements of the fabric being tested.

3. Load Cell: The load cell is a sensor that measures the applied force during the test. It converts the mechanical force into an electrical signal that can be recorded and measured.

4. Crosshead: The crosshead is responsible for applying and controlling the tensile force to the fabric specimen. It moves at a specified speed to elongate the fabric until it breaks or reaches a predetermined endpoint.

During the fabric strength test, a fabric specimen is placed between the grips of the tensile testing machine. The grips firmly hold the specimen, and the crosshead starts to move, applying tension to the fabric. The load cell measures the force required to stretch or break the fabric, and this data is recorded.

Various parameters can be measured during a fabric strength test, including:

- Breaking strength: The maximum force or load the fabric can withstand before it breaks.

- Elongation: The percentage increase in length of the fabric specimen at the point of failure or during the test.

- Modulus of elasticity: This measures the fabric's stiffness or resistance to deformation under tension.

The results obtained from the tensile tester provide valuable information about the fabric's strength and performance characteristics, helping manufacturers, researchers, and quality control professionals assess the suitability of the fabric for specific applications.

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