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What are the levels of color fastness?

2023-09-04 13:38

Color fastness is typically evaluated on a scale or rating system that helps determine the degree to which a material resists color fading or staining when subjected to various external influences. The specific rating systems may vary depending on the testing standards or industry practices, but here are some commonly used levels of color fastness:

1. Excellent: Excellent color fastness indicates that the material shows no or minimal color change, fading, or staining even under severe conditions or prolonged exposure to external factors.

2. Good: Good color fastness implies that the material exhibits slight color change, fading, or staining when exposed to normal conditions or moderate external influences.

JIS Colorfastness Rubbing Tester.jpg

3. Fair: Fair color fastness means that the material shows noticeable color change, fading, or staining when subjected to standard testing conditions or mild external influences.

4. Poor: Poor color fastness suggests that the material experiences significant color change, fading, or staining even under mild conditions or brief exposure to external factors.

In addition to these general levels, specific testing standards or rating systems may use additional descriptive terms or numerical scales to provide more detailed assessments of color fastness. For example, some rating scales may use numerical values ranging from 1 to 5 or 1 to 8, where a higher number indicates better color fastness.

It's important to note that the specific levels of color fastness and the associated criteria may vary depending on the testing standard, industry, or specific application. Different materials and end-uses may have their own unique requirements for color fastness. Therefore, it's crucial to refer to the relevant testing standards or guidelines specific to the material and intended application to determine the appropriate levels of color fastness.

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