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Footwear Testing Equipment For Flexing Resistance Test For 2 Pairs Shoes

2023-08-30 11:56

To conduct a flexing resistance test for two pairs of shoes, you will need footwear testing equipment specifically designed for this purpose. Below are the key equipment commonly used in flexing resistance testing:

1. Flexing Tester:

A flexing tester, also known as a shoe flexing machine, is a critical piece of equipment for conducting flexing resistance tests. It consists of a mechanical arm that repeatedly bends and flexes the shoes to simulate the walking or running motion. The flexing tester allows you to apply consistent and controlled forces to the footwear during the testing process.

shoe bending tester.jpg

2. Flexing Cycles Counter:

This device measures and records the number of flexing cycles endured by the shoes. It helps determine the durability and longevity of the shoe's materials and construction, providing valuable insights into their flexing resistance performance.

3. Test Jigs:

Test jigs, or shoe last fixtures, are used to hold the shoes securely in place during the flexing test. They ensure proper alignment and positioning of the shoes on the flexing tester, maintaining consistency throughout the testing process.

4. Load Application System:

A load application system applies a specific load or pressure to the shoes during the flexing test. The load can be adjusted to simulate various walking or running conditions. This system allows for precise control over the forces exerted on the shoes, ensuring accurate and repeatable test results.

5. Footwear Inspection Tools:

To evaluate the shoes' performance after the flexing test, you may need various inspection tools. This can include visual inspection tools such as magnifying glasses, digital cameras, or video recording devices to capture and analyze any visible damages or changes in the shoe's structure or materials.

It's worth noting that specific equipment requirements may vary depending on the standards or specifications you are testing against. It is essential to consult the appropriate testing standards or guidelines and ensure that the selected equipment meets the necessary criteria.

When carrying out a flexing resistance test, it is recommended to follow the guidelines and protocols specified by the standard or organization you are testing for. Conducting these tests accurately and consistently will provide valuable data about the shoes' durability and their ability to withstand repeated flexing motions.

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