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Can you provide more information about the ISO 105-C series test method?

2023-08-25 10:34

The ISO 105-C series is a set of standards within the ISO 105 series that specifically addresses color fastness testing. The ISO 105-C series focuses on color fastness to washing and includes several individual standards, each specifying different aspects of the testing procedure. Here are some key standards in the ISO 105-C series:

1. ISO 105-C01: This standard provides general guidance and terminology related to color fastness testing. It explains the basic concepts, terms, and definitions used in the ISO 105-C series.

1. ISO 105-C02: This standard specifies the reference detergent and the conditions for the preparation of the test solution. It defines the composition and concentration of the detergent solution used in the washing test.

1. ISO 105-C03: This standard outlines the procedure for determining the color fastness to washing of textiles. It covers the general principles, apparatus, and conditions for testing. It provides guidelines for the selection of test specimens, washing procedure, drying, and evaluation of color change.

1. ISO 105-C04: This standard specifies a method for determining the resistance of colorants to wetting out during washing. It assesses the tendency of colorants to bleed or migrate out of textiles when they come into contact with water during the washing process.

1. ISO 105-C06: This standard describes a method for evaluating the colorfastness of textile materials to domestic and commercial laundering using a single washing machine. It covers the washing and drying procedures, as well as the evaluation of color change.

1. ISO 105-C08: This standard provides a method for determining the resistance of colorants to dry-cleaning procedures. It covers the dry-cleaning process using perchloroethylene solvent and evaluates the colorfastness of textiles to dry-cleaning.

These standards, among others in the ISO 105-C series, provide detailed guidelines and specifications for conducting color fastness to washing tests. Manufacturers and testing laboratories often refer to these standards to ensure consistent and reliable testing procedures for assessing the colorfastness of textiles and dyed materials to washing.

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