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What device measures slip resistance?

2023-08-16 16:08

The device commonly used to measure slip resistance is called a tribometer. A tribometer is an instrument designed to assess the frictional characteristics of a surface and determine its slip resistance or coefficient of friction.

There are different types of tribometers available, each utilizing different methods to measure slip resistance. Some commonly used devices include:

1. Pendulum Tester: This device simulates the heel strike of a walking motion. It measures the dynamic friction between a rubber slider and the tested surface. The results are reported as Pendulum Test Values (PTV) or British Pendulum Numbers (BPN).

2. Portable Skid Resistance Tester: These handheld instruments typically use a small sled or wheel that is dragged across the surface under controlled conditions. The device measures the frictional force required to initiate sliding and calculates the coefficient of friction.

3. Variable Incidence Tribometer (VIT): VIT measures the slip resistance of surfaces at different angles of inclination. It utilizes a sliding foot or a weighted pendulum to assess the resistance to slipping across various inclinations.

4. Tortus/Tribometer: This instrument measures both static and dynamic coefficients of friction using a sensor-equipped foot that rotates and slides across the surface. It provides detailed data on slip resistance under different conditions.

5. Ramp Testers: These devices evaluate the slip resistance of a surface by measuring the angle at which a person walking on an inclined surface starts to slip. The ramp is gradually inclined until slippage occurs, and the angle of inclination is recorded.

These devices help assess slip resistance in various environments, such as pedestrian walkways, flooring materials, stair treads, and workplace surfaces. They provide valuable information for safety evaluations, especially in areas where slips and falls may pose a risk.

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