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How to check the strength of zipper tape?

2023-07-28 13:37

To check the strength of zipper tape, you can perform the following steps:

1. Visual Inspection: Start by visually inspecting the zipper tape for any visible signs of damage, such as fraying, tears, or loose stitching. Ensure that the tape is intact and free from defects that could affect its strength.

2. Tensile Strength Test: The tensile strength test measures the maximum force the zipper tape can withstand before breaking. To conduct this test, you will need a tensile testing machine or a universal testing machine. Follow these steps:

   a. Cut a sample of the zipper tape of a specific length, ensuring that the sample is representative of the tape's quality.


   b. Secure one end of the sample in the upper grip of the testing machine and the other end in the lower grip.

   c. Set the testing machine to a constant pulling speed.


   d. Start the test and observe the force applied to the tape until it breaks. The maximum force recorded before the tape breaks is the tensile strength of the zipper tape.

3. Slider Pull Test: The slider pull test evaluates the force required to open or close the zipper. It measures the strength of the tape against the pulling force exerted during typical usage. Follow these steps:

   a. Attach the slider to the zipper tape.

   b. Hold one end of the tape securely and apply a pulling force on the slider in the opposite direction of opening or closing the zipper.

   c. Gradually increase the pulling force until the zipper tape starts to deform or the slider moves.

   d. Note the force at which the tape deforms or the slider moves. This force indicates the strength of the zipper tape against pulling forces.

4. Durability Testing: To assess the zipper tape's strength over time, you can perform durability testing. This involves subjecting the zipper to repeated cycles of opening and closing to simulate real-life usage. Observe any signs of wear, deformation, or failure in the tape during and after the durability test.

5. Comparative Analysis: Compare the test results of the zipper tape with industry standards or specific requirements. This will help determine if the tape meets the desired strength criteria and quality standards.

Remember that the testing methods and equipment may vary depending on the specific requirements and standards of the zipper manufacturer or industry. It is recommended to consult the relevant standards and guidelines for accurate testing procedures.

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