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Do the textile testing standards apply to all types of textiles?

2023-07-19 11:30

Not all types of textiles are suitable for these standards. Each standard has been designed and developed for a specific type of textile and test conditions, so when selecting a test method it is necessary to choose the appropriate standard based on the type of textile to be tested and the application.

For example, the ASTM D3884 standard is suitable for evaluating the abrasion properties of fabrics and plastic films, but not for other materials such as leather or rubber. Similarly, the ISO 20344 standard is suitable for assessing the abrasion resistance of footwear materials, but not for other types of textiles.

Therefore, when selecting a test method, it is necessary to understand the scope of application and limitations of different standards and select a suitable standard for testing according to actual needs. If there is no suitable standard, new test methods can be designed and developed according to the test purpose and requirements.

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