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What steps are required for the calibration and inspection of a fabric strength machine?

2023-07-04 09:32

The calibration and inspection of the fabric strength machine need to pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Fixture calibration: Check whether the clamping force and clamping position of the fixture are accurate, and calibrate if necessary.

2. Load Cell Calibration: Using a calibration item of known weight, check the accuracy and sensitivity of the load cell.

3. Displacement sensor calibration: Using a calibration item of known length, check the accuracy and sensitivity of the displacement sensor.

fabric strength testing machine.jpg

4. Inspection of mechanical parts: Check whether the mechanical parts of the instrument are damaged or worn, and replace or repair them if necessary.

5. Electronic component inspection: Check whether the electronic components of the instrument are working normally, and replace or repair if necessary.

6. Cleaning: Regularly clean the surface and interior of the instrument to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test results.

7. Test samples: Use standard samples with known force values to test to check the accuracy and reliability of the test results.

8. Data analysis: conduct data analysis on the test results, and check whether the test results meet the specification requirements.

It should be noted that the above steps should be carried out before and on a regular basis before using the fabric strength machine. It is recommended to understand the instruction manual of the instrument before using it to ensure correct operation and maintenance. At the same time, if necessary, you can also seek help and support from the manufacturer or professional technicians.

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